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Version: Latest (4.49.0-beta)


When you are preparing content migration in Xill, you start with a project. In a logical sense, a project holds all the flows and settings that you need to complete the migration.

Creating a new project

To create a new project use Project->New Project

When you create a new project, Xill4 saves it to its default location, .\projects To change this location, change the XILL4_PROJECT_DIRECTORY environment variable. For more information, see Xill4 advanced configuration

Creating a new flow

To create a new flow use Flow ->New Flow.

Opening a flow.

To open a flow, either click on the flow or use Flow menu button (...)->Open in new tab

Updating a flow.

To update a flow, use Flow menu button (...)->Update Flow

This will overwrite the flow and add any new variables, currently configured variables will remain unchanged.

Cloning a flow

To clone a flow, use Flow menu button (...)->Clone Flow

Selecting a flow

To select one or more flows using CTRL+Click use the Select option in the flow menu.

Exporting and importing flows

Flows can be exported and imported, so parts of your project can be reused.

Exporting a flow

To export a flow use Flow menu button (...)->Export flow You can also export a flow when you have it open using Options->Export Flow

Importing a flow

To import a flow use use Flow ->Import Flow

Flow metadata

A flow contains descriptive metadata like a name, group icon etc. To edit this metadata use Flow menu button (...)->Edit

Removing a flow

To remove a flow from a project use Flow menu button (...)->Remove

Project toolbar


  • Project selector -> Creates a new project or opens an existing project.
  • Flow->New Flow -> Creates a new flow.
  • Flow->Import Flow -> Opens the import dialog.
  • Vault Unlock/Lock -> Locks or unlocks the vault.
  • Vault -> Opens the Vault editor.
  • Documentation -> Opens up this documentation.
  • Reports -> Opens the report menu
  • Switch theme -> Switches between the light and dark theme.