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Release Notes


  • Added: OpenText CS database connector
  • Added: Enforce binary extension to start with a period (.) and hierarchies with a slash (/)
  • Fixed: Some flows didn't open in de beta designer
  • Fixed: The settings in the SPO-migration component, when opened in the the beta designer, where the mode dropdown was blank
  • Fixed: Missing Oracle support in one of the DB Query components in the OpenText eDOCS database connector


  • Fixed: Issue where TLS was not working for MongoDB 6.0 and higher
  • Fixed: Issue where notes were not properly decoded in Xill4 Beta
  • Improved: New documentation page is now hosted on
  • Fixed: Missing RECORD parent IDs and improved the layout of the file source connector
  • Added: Permission mapping to transformation template accelerator
  • Fixed: Refreshing token in spo-migration component
  • Fixed: SPO target connector naming issue with top level library items
  • Added: Authentication through query parameters to the webhook component for scenarios where headers are not available


  • Improved: Application UI got a complete technical overhaul. To enable it, set the XILL4_BETA environment variable to true and restart the application
  • Updated: Package mongodb from 4.13.0 to 6.0.0
  • Improved: Replaced HTTP Request by HTTP Request 2 in OpenText CS source connector
  • Improved: File API component output message also includes the incoming value. Note that existing flows using the File API component will need to be updated
  • Added: Documentation version history
  • Added: Documentation on the FileNet system
  • Improved: Added example of a mapping Excel sheet to the documentation on the Load Mapping component
  • Improved: Removed unsupported statements from the Conditional Split component documentation
  • Improved: Replaced HTTP Request by HTTP Request 2 in the Documentum source connector


  • Fixed: Consistent timezones in the logs
  • Added: SPO API component
  • Added: Oracle database support in the eDOCS source connector
  • Added: Support for creation of document sets in SPO target connector
  • Improved: Major documentation overhaul, migrated from Docsify to Docusaurus
  • Added: IntelliSense-like documentation to code completions in code editors


  • Fixed: Excel writer memory issue
  • Updated: NodeJS 16 to 20
  • Fixed: Missing support for duplicate keys multipart/form-data in the HTTP Request 2 component
  • Added: Documentation on OpenText CS
  • Added: Documentation on Documentum


  • Improved: Error handling lookup when connection to the Content Store has not been created
  • Fixed: Multipart-form data requests using the HTTP Request 2 component
  • Fixed: Documentum source connector skips responses that do not contain results
  • Fixed: Documentum source connector handles special characters in the document hierarchy
  • Fixed: Remove circular references before storing logs in MongoDB when logging directly from the code component or when using debug mode
  • Fixed: Correctly process binaries when using setBody in hooks of the HTTP Request 2 component
  • Added: OpenText eDOCS source connector


  • Added: Best practices documentation on upgrading Xill4
  • Fixed: SPO Migration component reconnects after switching databases
  • Improved: Error messages of the Template Engine component now contains the cause of the error
  • Added: Documentation about preventing Xill4 being blocked by Windows Defender
  • Fixed: FileNet source connector issues with getting content elements, it now uses the FileNet proxy
  • Fixed: FileNet source connector bug when retrieving records' parent
  • Fixed: FileNet source connector hierarchies were not set for annotations
  • Added: More rate limiting capabilities to the DB Query component


  • Added: Support for extracting ACLs and users / groups to the SP on premise source connector
  • Added: SPO migration component support for encrypted containers
  • Added: Ability to scrape single files using the file API component
  • Fixed: SPO migration component doesn't show the incoming message on error while deleting containers
  • Fixed: SPO target connector not retrieving all logs when in provisioned mode
  • Added: SPO target ability to clear a metadata field value in a version
  • Improved: Readability of all code, query and template fields in the flow json file


  • Fixed: Incorrect log syntax in Logger component
  • Fixed: Incorrect incoming message value in the error output of the Template Engine component
  • Improved: Documentation on the vault configuration
  • Added: Check to see if the configured vault path points to a file
  • Improved: SPO Migration component now uses streams to upload files, allowing for larger file uploads and an increase in performance
  • Fixed: HTTP Request 2 component bodyAs not correctly applied when called from hook
  • Fixed: Retrieving logs when using Azure provisioned queues in the SPO-Migration component
  • Improved: Use new lookup function in the Transformation Template flow
  • Added: Several new functions for working with mappings loaded using the Load Mapping component
  • Improved: Replaced HTTP Request by HTTP Request 2 in SPO Source connector (1. Content)
  • Fixed: Fixed start-up issues caused by the XILL4_MAX_OLD_SPACE_SIZE setting. The option is (temporary) removed
  • Improved: Performance, date and error handling in the SPO target connector
  • Added: Support for migrating to existing document sets in the SPO target connector
  • Fixed: Error output when deleting containers with the SPO-Migration component
  • Improved: Formatting of project and flow files
  • Fixed: Issue where the SPO Target connector wouldn't properly clear a metadata field for versions


  • Improved: Transformation Template flow uses new lookup function
  • Fixed: Reading log messages of migrations done using Azure provisioned containers
  • Improved: Replaced HTTP Request by HTTP Request 2 in SPO Source connector (2. Content Types & Term Store)
  • Fixed: Removed documentation for deprecated advanced query option
  • Added: Option to only retrieve data marked for migration when requesting related data using the Document Retrieve component
  • Added: Xill4 subprocesses are now named the same as the flow they belong to
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies in the structure of error when it is thrown versus sent to error output
  • Added: Documentation on the Alfresco system
  • Added: Option to set heap space memory limit


  • Added: SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016/2019 source connector
  • Fixed: Broken conditional split connection in the second Insights accelerator flow
  • Updated: Package total4 from 0.0.89 to 0.0.90
  • Fixed: Error handler showed DB field names
  • Improved: Replaced our own query parser implementation with the official MongoDB query parser
  • Fixed: Missing parent reference when using the SPO source connector to retrieve tenant sites
  • Fixed: Duplicate key errors in connectors using the Document Store to update an already existing object
  • Added: Documentation on the SPO system
  • Fixed: Patched vm2 vulnerability


  • Fixed: Projects merging when switching projects
  • Fixed: Issue where multiple flows could be imported multiple times


  • Improved: Replaced package libxmljs2 with our own XSD validator implementation
  • Improved: The trigger button now clears the flow before triggering it
  • Updated: Package total4 from 0.0.88 to 0.0.89
  • Improved: Documentation on using Insights
  • Added: Documentation on debugging in general and specifically in Xill4
  • Added: Template flow for running a basic transformation
  • Improved: Deleting an output of the conditional split keeps the connections from the other outputs intact
  • Fixed: Elasticsearch Bulk component showing incorrect value on error
  • Added: The log function now supports logging multiple data types
  • Fixed: NTLM authentication caching issue, a temporary workaround has been implemented
  • Added: Load Mapping component, which allows loading mapping workbooks into the Content Store
  • Added: Mapping helper lookup to lookup mapping values previously loaded into the Content Store
  • Added: Providing null in the Excel Writer component columns and rows will create an empty cell
  • Fixed: Unique IDs in the SPO source connector


  • Fixed: Advanced query documentation in various components
  • Improved: Document Store component now has three modes, insert, merge and replace. The default mode is insert. Note that this requires clearing the Content Store before running a flow in certain scenarios
  • Improved: Make, and indices unique in the Content Store
  • Added: Person and group field type support in the SPO Target connector
  • Added: NTLM authentication strategy to the HTTP Request v2 component
  • Added: Regex escape helper in the code sandbox


  • Fixed: Flow backups no longer trigger a dangling flow file warning
  • Added: Support for custom permissions to the SPO target connector
  • Improved: ROOT document validation in the SPO target connector
  • Improved: SPO character limit validation
  • Added: Documentation on support for Teams in the SPO target connector
  • Improved: HTTP Request v2 component now also includes the input message as part of the corresponding output message. Note that this is a breaking change and can only resolved by manually updating component that use the output. Instructions are provided in the documentation. You can use the upgrade executable to help you identify possible issues
  • Added: Support for extracting groups using the SPO source connector
  • Fixed: Incorrect reversedVersionOrder in the Insights accelerator
  • Improved: Excel Reader component throws an error when the data type of a cell is not supported
  • Fixed: HTTP Request v2 component includes the response body on error
  • Added: Option to create folders to the File Operation component
  • Improved: Delay component UI
  • Added: Support for advanced queries in the Document Update component
  • Improved: Error handling in Exec component
  • Improved: Path not allowed error message now includes the path


  • Added: Accelerator to process Azure PII scanner reports
  • Fixed: Missing URL encoding in the DB Query component
  • Added: LiveLink MSSQL database source connector
  • Added: Sort and projection functionality to the Mongo Query component
  • Added: Pending messages counter to each component
  • Added: Webhook component, allowing remotely triggering flows using HTTP requests
  • Added: Flow variable escaping
  • Added: Support for else-statements when using the Handlebars xif helper
  • Added: Exec component for executing third party command line applications
  • Fixed: Migrating to multiple ROOTS the SPO target accelerator
  • Fixed: Migrating to folders in the SPO target connector


  • Improved: Auto-parsing ISO dates is now optional in the Template Engine component
  • Updated: Package total4 from 0.0.86 to 0.0.87
  • Fixed: Resolved issues with flow file format when saving and loading flows
  • Added: Mongo TLS to the HTTP Request v2 component
  • Added: Response timeout to the HTTP Request v2 component
  • Added: OAuth 2.0 to the HTTP Request v2 component
  • Added: HTTP TLS to the HTTP Request v2 component
  • Fixed: Missing logInstance type error
  • Fixed: Logger not connected to database error
  • Improved: Documentation on available functions in the code editors in the HTTP Request components
  • Added: More elaborate example of a valid XILL4_WORKDIRS configuration on the environment variables documentation page
  • Added: Q&A entry about UNC paths
  • Added: Support for JSON functions in the code editor
  • Added: Support for custom document metadata to the Alfresco target connector
  • Added: Support to retrieve annotations and resolve object type properties to the FileNet database source connector


  • Added: Documentation on XILL4_VAULT_PATH, which can be used to set the location of the vault file
  • Fixed: Flow export no longer changes the order of conditional split expressions
  • Added: File Operation component for interacting with the filesystem
  • Added: License expiry date is now visible in the header
  • Fixed: Incorrect runFunction snippet in the Code component
  • Fixed: Upgrade script works with the new project management file structure
  • Fixed: Copying non-object log details copies the correct string to clipboard
  • Fixed: Multi line text fields in the SPO accelerators now use the line feed character, which works for both the properties pane and the list view in SPO
  • Added: ACL support to the OpenText source accelerator
  • Improved: Advanced support for Mongo queries in all components that perform these
  • Fixed: Date formatting inconsistencies
  • Added: FileNet database source connector
  • Fixed: Using the SPO Migration component, the Azure queue will no longer be cleared in between migration jobs, when using a self-provisioned queue and containers
  • Improved: Xillio themed login page


  • Improved: Ability to compare project and flow files using diff tooling
  • Fixed: Extraction report
  • Fixed: DB Query component, trigger missing after flow variable changes
  • Added: Content Store Validator accelerator
  • Improved: Log info in DB Query component
  • Added: Mongo Query component
  • Added: SPO provisioned containers
  • Added: Support to SPO target connector for all field data types


  • Updated: Package yargs from 17.7.1 to 17.7.2
  • Fixed: Issue where the Excel Writer component would throw an error every second run
  • Added: HTTP Request component v2. A completely new HTTP Request component with a much more intuitive way of writing hooks. The old HTTP Request component is still available for backwards compatibility but will be deprecated in the future. See the documentation for more information
  • Added: Support for parsing XML files in the File Reader component and the HTTP Request component v2
  • Fixed: Minor UI issue in HTTP Request component v1
  • Improved: Documentation about upgrade.exe
  • Added: Binary Delete component
  • Improved: Code component documentation
  • Improved: File Source connector and Insights accelerator UI
  • Fixed: Parsing issue in the second Insights accelerator flow
  • Added: Support for dynamic paths in the Excel Writer component
  • Added: Support for dynamic paths in the Excel Reader component
  • Added: ACL support in the Alfresco Source connector. Note that while adding the support, the connector was overhauled and updated to the latest standards


  • Added: File writer component now supports writing JSON files
  • Improved: Logging options when custom error handlers are configured
  • Improved: User session management and security headers
  • Added: OneDrive support to the SPO target accelerator
  • Fixed: Accelerators having incorrect rate limit values
  • Added: Colligo and Attic dashboards to pre-configured Kibana dashboards
  • Added: TLS support in components that use a MongoDB connection
  • Updated: Package total4 from 0.0.83 to 0.0.85
  • Updated: Package box-node-sdk from 2.3.0 to 3.0.0
  • Updated: Package jsonwebtoken from 8.5.1 to 9.0.0


  • Improved: Accessing flow variables in the code component and HTTP request component. Note that this is a breaking change as you can no longer use the variable syntax (%variableName%), use the getFlowVariable function instead. See the documentation for more information
  • Improved: Q&A documentation
  • Fixed: Hardcoded URLs in the Alfresco target connector
  • Added: Document ID support to the SPO target connector. Furthermore, the full URL is now stored in the Content Store as part of the prepare flow. Lastly, the documentation on document sets has been updated
  • Fixed: Template Engine removing commas in strings
  • Improved: Template Engine XSD validation now gives more detailed errors
  • Improved: MongoDB timeout settings
  • Improved: Log details window behavior
  • Added: Debug mode. See the documentation for more information
  • Improved: Insights accelerator documentation
  • Added: Option to clone flow variable configurations
  • Improved: Deleting dangling flow files
  • Fixed: Issue where XILL4_WORKDIRS wasn't correctly interpreted


  • Improved: Project files now store relative paths to the flow files
  • Added: Warning message when switching projects
  • Added: Copy button for the log details
  • Added: Component identifier and name to the log details
  • Fixed: Logs not properly sorted
  • Added: Filter and search functionality for the logs
  • Added: Flow activity highlighting. Components that have received a message will be highlighted in the flow graph
  • Added: Option to automatically parse ISO dates in the Document Update component
  • Added: Documentation describing best practices for batching migrations and a new accelerator that helps kick-start splitting a migration into batches
  • Fixed: Some accelerators couldn't be imported correctly
  • Fixed: Issue in OpenText accelerator when extracting names and descriptions for versions
  • Added: Documentation for processing migrations in batches
  • Added: Accelerator for processing migrations in batches
  • Improved: SPO target connector now allows retrying failed packages
  • Fixed: Issue in HTTP request component with special characters in the URL when using basic authentication
  • Added: Auto focus on components when clicking the link in the log details
  • Updated: Total.js from 0.0.74 to 0.0.81
  • Updated: Libxmljs2 from 0.30.1 to 0.32.0


  • Fixed: Control component outputs failure only when there are errors in the sub-flow
  • Added: Support for debugging the application using namespaces
  • Improved: Documentation on the system requirements
  • Added: Document Store component input message validation
  • Improved: Secure cookie configuration


  • Fixed: Issue where cloning components would give components the same ID
  • Fixed: Issue where certain data would make the logger component crash
  • Improved: Updated all accelerators to match the new component architecture
  • Fixed: Issue where the application wouldn't start on a fresh install
  • Improved: Using special characters in flow names
  • Fixed: Issue where the component configuration wasn't correctly applied the first time
  • Improved: Rate limiting default configuration and documentation
  • Improved: DB Query component now supports advanced connection settings allowing to connect to a wider variety of databases
  • Fixed: Issue where the delay component would count send messages twice
  • Added: Security recommendations to the documentation for setup with Keycloak
  • Improved: SPO source connector now has a retry mechanism
  • Improved: Documentum source connector default rate limiting settings
  • Added: Documentum source connector pagination, allowing extraction of large amounts of data
  • Fixed: Documentum source connector when calculating the hierarchies and retrieving the relations
  • Removed: Accelerators from the ZIP distribution of the application, they are now available as separate downloads on Xillio Community
  • Improved: Access token invalidated on logout
  • Added: File system whitelisting for enhanced security
  • Improved: Security HTTP request headers configuration


  • Fixed: Removed legacy export button
  • Fixed: Refreshing the token in the OpenText source connector
  • Improved: Code snippets in the HTTP request component
  • Fixed: Broken documentation link
  • Improved: Rate limiting in the Document Retrieve, Document Aggregate and SPO Migration API components
  • Fixed: Generic resolver component message order
  • Improved: Further tweaks in behavior when editing and saving a flow creating a more consistent experience
  • Added: Files names in flow files for better support in version control systems
  • Fixed: Various minor issues in the SPO target connector
  • Improved: Sanitization of user input
  • Fixed: Unauthenticated access to the project overview page
  • Fixed: Alfresco target connector creating duplicate indexes
  • Improved: Bumped ES version from 6 to 9 in code editor
  • Fixed: Incorrect sort order in the console
  • Added: Documentum source connector now supports extracting versions, renditions, ACLs and relations
  • Fixed: Incorrect auto-complete syntax for runFunction


  • Fixed: Cron component didn't show the correct state
  • Improved: Template engine component and Handlebars documentation
  • Improved: Progress component now shows remaining estimated time
  • Improved: Project file structure
  • Improved: Behavior when editing and saving a flow
  • Improved: Setting indexes in the Content Store
  • Improved: Control component now supports looking at the entire flow graph
  • Fixed: Conditional Split component message order
  • Added: Skip and limit options to the Document Retrieve component
  • Fixed: Refreshing the token in the SPO Source connector (2. Content Types & Term Store)
  • Added: OpenText CS source connector, now supporting extracting categories
  • Improved: Logger performance and stability


  • Fixed: Saving issues when restarting a flow in combination with unlocked vault


  • Fixed: Issue saving flow changes after restarting the flow instance


  • Updated: Temporarily disabled restarting the flow instance, due to an issue where changes to the flow instance are not saved
  • Added: Option to copy component ID
  • Improved: Restarting experience
  • Fixed: IO stats in component
  • Fixed: IO stats in Elasticsearch components
  • Fixed: Restarting a flow instance when opened in a new tab
  • Added: Option to ignore specific components in the Control Component
  • Improved: Insights accelerator flows
  • Fixed: Path encoding issue in the SPO Migration API component
  • Fixed: Various minor issues in the SPO target connector
  • Fixed: Various minor issues in the SPO source connector
  • Fixed: Issue with the logger component handling circular references
  • Fixed: Issue where the Control component would not work correctly directly after a restart
  • Added: Postgres support for the DB Query component
  • Improved: Documentation
  • Improved: Performance in the Calc Hash accelerator flow
  • Improved: Auto-complete behavior in various components
  • Improved: Snippets in the Code component and HTTP request component
  • Added: Version support in the Alfresco source connector


  • Improved: Code components and HTTP request components now give back the line number of the error
  • Improved: Application logs now contain additional details
  • Improved: Content Store schema, now supporting the isCurrent field for versions. Note that this is a breaking change and requires reimporting data into the Content Store or manually adding the field to the existing data
  • Added: The Document Retrieve component can fetch related documents automatically
  • Improved: The Binary Store component now allows you to control the _id field
  • Updated: Got from 11.8.5 to 11.8.6
  • Updated: Sequelize from 6.25.3 to 6.28.0
  • Updated: Tedious from 15.1.0 to 15.1.2
  • Updated: Total.js from 0.0.69 to 0.0.74
  • Updated: VM2 from 3.9.11 to 3.9.13
  • Updated: MongoDB from 4.11.0 to 4.13.0
  • Fixed: Issue where restarting a flow instance would not work correctly
  • Updated: Fixed various issues and made several improvements in the SPO target connector


  • Fixed: Some component versions were not correctly updated
  • Fixed: Issue where the HTTP request component would not handle hook errors correctly
  • Added: Last resort error handling in components
  • Fixed: Projection not working in the Document Retrieve component
  • Fixed: Issue where clearing the stack of the Stack component would not clear the pending messages
  • Added: IO stats to all components
  • Fixed: Refreshing the token in the SPO Source connector (1. Content)
  • Added: The HTTP request component now allows setting the priority on a call
  • Added: Execute function to the HTTP request component, allowing you to execute a request immediately
  • Added: The message hook can now be triggered through the recall functions in the HTTP request component
  • Fixed: ForEachAsync issue
  • Added: Debug and warning log message types
  • Fixed: Dark mode not working in the documentation
  • Fixed: Error handling trimming the error message before sending it to the log
  • Improved: Installation instructions
  • Updated: Deprecated and removed Unzip component


  • Fixed: Temporarily disabled the redactor


  • Fixed: Document Retrieve projection issue
  • Fixed: SPO target connector having references to removed components


  • Improved: Content Store data model. The hash field is now a string, meant to store any type of hash. Note that this is a breaking change and requires reimporting data into the Content Store
  • Added: Ancestors as part of the Content Store data model
  • Improved: Component configuration can now be resized
  • Fixed: Code mirror auto-complete issue
  • Added: Option to configure the root path and hostname
  • Improved: SPO-Migration API component, now dynamically determines the correct URL for creating the migration job
  • Fixed: Issue where pending messages were incorrectly shown when using the Merge Join component
  • Improved: Handling Mongo connection strings, the database name now needs to be specified in the connection string. Note that this is a breaking change and requires updating existing Mongo connections using the xill4-upgrade.exe tool and updating the shipped accelerators by re-importing them
  • Added: source connector, now supporting extracting OneDrives
  • Added: The xill4-upgrade.exe tool to upgrade existing Xill4 projects to the latest version
  • Fixed: Issue where the SPO target connector throws an error if there where no containers


  • Improved: Error handling consistency
  • Updated: Deprecated and removed Alfresco REST API component
  • Updated: Deprecated and removed CMIS API component
  • Updated: Deprecated and removed Flow controller component
  • Added: HTTPS support for the HTTP request component
  • Updated: Alfresco source connector, improved performance and stability and updated to latest standards
  • Updated: Alfresco target connector, now supporting binaries from the Content Store
  • Improved: Start-up time and flow instance restart time
  • Fixed: Dark mode issue in Vault UI
  • Improved: Error handling working with large arrays in the error
  • Added: Redacting Vault secrets in the logs and UI
  • Added: Documentation for deploying Xill4 on Kubernetes
  • Added: Documentation for deploying Xill4 on Docker
  • Fixed: Project toolbar documentation
  • Fixed: Saving flow variables without a value
  • Added: Message hook in the HTTP request component


  • Added: UI for managing the Vault
  • Fixed: UI issue where the error state of a component wasn't shown
  • Added: OpenText CS source connector
  • Added: Documentum source connector
  • Fixed: Requires fields issue in SPO-Migration API component
  • Improved: Flow overview UI. It now shows the number of errors
  • Improved: Deprecated project variables
  • Added: source connector advanced extractions
  • Added: Generic load balancer accelerator flow
  • Improved: Error handling when working with Mongo connection strings
  • Improved: License information in the logs
  • Fixed: TopX target connector issue when creating packages
  • Improved: Renamed groups and regrouped components


  • Fixed: Missing features from development


  • Fixed: Changes made in the Code component while using hotkeys were not stored
  • Improved: Handlebars hash helper, now supporting more types
  • Improved: HTTP request component timeout options
  • Improved: Default index names in Initialize storage component
  • Improved: Error messages in Template Engine
  • Improved: Removing trailing comma's while using Handlebars in components other than the Template Engine
  • Fixed: Delay component not destroying messages when there is no output
  • Fixed: Issue with renaming flow variables
  • Added: Documentum source connector


  • Added: New component Cron
  • Added: Support for dynamic impersonation in the component
  • Improved: Direct access to the flowVariables object is removed, use the variable syntax instead
  • Improved: Indexes required within accelerators are now automatically created
  • Improved: Flow state experience UI
  • Improved: The application now runs a single service
  • Fixed: Issue in HTTP request component when downloading to the Content Store
  • Added: SPO source connector: support for extracting content types and management data
  • Added: SPO target connector: support for setting managed metadata fields
  • Fixed: Issue where File API component only worked after hitting the apply button
  • Added: EULA and Maintenance and Support files
  • Improved: Control component behavior consistently
  • Fixed: Missing default rate limiting values in Document Aggregate component


  • Fixed: Issue where variables couldn't be removed
  • Fixed: Issue where some errors weren't captured in the Conditional Split
  • Improved: Lines between components are now bigger, making it easier to click them
  • Added: Deduplicate component
  • Fixed: Vault not accessible after stopping a flow
  • Improved: MongoDB advanced connection settings are now configurable
  • Fixed: Issue in the HTTP Request component throwing an error when correctly configured
  • Improved: Minor tweaks to improve the Content Store validation consistency
  • Improved: Flow variables can now be empty
  • Fixed: Issue where connection errors weren't correctly shown
  • Updated: Total4 from 0.0.68 to 0.0.69


  • Fixed: Issue where the engine could not be started


  • Added: User management. Note that this is enabled by default for security purposes and you have to explicitly disable this
  • Fixed: Issue where a running flow was reset on re-opening or refreshing. Note that you now need to lock and unlock the vault after stopping a flow that needs access to the vault
  • Added: Support for multiple configurations per flow
  • Fixed: SharePoint Online source connector parentID is sometimes incorrect and incorrectly escaping special characters
  • Fixed: Issue where projects were merged
  • Improved: Insights performance
  • Updated: Total4 from 0.0.67 to 0.0.68
  • Added: MSSQL support in DB Query component


  • Improved: Starting/stopping a flow UI experience in light-mode
  • Improved: Flow overview UI. It now shows a flow's state
  • Fixed: Log order was sometimes was incorrect
  • Improved: Document store behavior. Note that the key to ignore feature is removed. See component documentation on how to achieve similar behavior
  • Improved: Logger component now throws an error if set to type error and has the option to set a message
  • Fixed: Code component UI where the code editor wasn't maximized
  • Improved: Content Store DB level validation
  • Improved: Content Store connection handling and stability
  • Added: JSON parse option to File reader component
  • Added: Pagination support to DB Query component
  • Added: Support for standard permissions in the SharePoint Online target connector
  • Added: Support for versions in the Insights accelerator
  • Added: Size distribution analysis in the Insights accelerator
  • Added: Migration insights in the Insights accelerator
  • Added: A migration dashboard in the Kibana config
  • Fixed: Issue where the container count wasn't correctly shown in Kibana
  • Added: Note that project variables will be deprecated
  • Added: Support for routing HTTP(S) requests through a proxy
  • Fixed: Collaborations weren't stored in the Content Store using the source connector


  • Improved: Starting/stopping a flow UI experience
  • Added: Support for versions and collaborations in the source connector and component
  • Added: Support for versions in the SPO target connector and component
  • Improved: Installation and configuration process and related documentation
  • Updated: Vm2 from 3.9.9 to 3.9.11
  • Updated: Total4 from 0.0.66 to 0.0.67
  • Added: DB Query component


  • Added: Elasticsearch bulk component
  • Improved: Code component now supports code collapsing
  • Improved: UI for editing a flows metadata
  • Improved: Error handling/messages when working with variables
  • Fixed: Issue with the Code component where changes made with hotkeys weren't saved
  • Added: Accelerators for providing insights on the Content Store (requires Elasticsearch and Kibana)
  • Improved: Pending messages icon


  • Updated: Dotenv from 16.0.1 to 16.0.2
  • Added: Content Store authorization support
  • Added: Elasticsearch Bulk component
  • Improved: HTTP-Request component documentation
  • Improved: Source connector template
  • Fixed: Broken links in documentation
  • Improved: Elasticsearch indices component for newer versions of Elasticsearch
  • Improved: Content Store data model support for versions Note that this is a breaking change for existing Content Store data models. Please see the Content Store documentation for more information


  • Updated: Total4 from 0.0.66-4 to 0.0.66
  • Added: Content Store auditing support
  • Added: Support for downloading- and uploading files using the HTTP Request component
  • Improved: Vault performance
  • Fixed: Stack component pending messages
  • Improved: SPO-Migration component error handling
  • Improved: Resolver configuration and added strict mode
  • Improved: Accessing variables in the Code- and HTTP Request component


  • Fixed: Issue where the template engine would disappear from a flow


  • Fixed: Issue where documentation links were opening halfway down the page
  • Improved: Opening flows when components are missing, now shows a warning instead of an error
  • Fixed: Issue where links in the documentation pop-over were broken, now they open in a new tab
  • Fixed: Stopping a flow closed the vault
  • Added: Accelerators are now shipped with the application
  • Fixed: source connector having parentIds set for root folders
  • Improved: File-API component performance and recursion handling
  • Improved: File-source connector now uses the updated File-API component
  • Improved: All accelerators now use the Vault variables by default
  • Added: New SPO source connector
  • Added: New File-reader component
  • Improved: Handlebars documentation
  • Added: Extended the Content Store data model to support failed messages and the ability to store ROOT documents
  • Added: New Elasticsearch Indices component
  • Added: New SPO-Migration API component
  • Added: New SPO target connectors
  • Updated: Connectors to integrate with the ROOT documents


  • Fixed: Locking and unlocking the vault removed flow variables
  • Updated: Total4 from 0.0.63 to 0.0.66-4
  • Updated: Cryptolens from 1.0.6 to 1.0.9
  • Fixed: Components missing on flow restart
  • Fixed: Scrollbar missing in console
  • Fixed: Excel Writer creating a directory
  • Improved: System requirements documentation
  • Added: Content Store encryption support
  • Added: HTTP Request component
  • Added: Code signing to the executables
  • Improved: Template engine highlighting XMLs


  • Fixed: File writer output
  • Improved: Documentation on content Store
  • Fixed: Queries in Alfresco target accelerator
  • Updated: Mongoose from 6.2.9 to 6.4.6
  • Added: Handlebars linter to Content store components
  • Fixed: Issue loading larger flows
  • Added: Console vertical resize


  • Improved: SafeParse and other fixes in errorHandler
  • Improved: Flow export format
  • Fixed: File writer component producing corrupted files
  • Improved: Hide icon if no vault
  • Improved: Trigger and counter components
  • Added: Handlebars linter to template-engine
  • Improved: Code component handling async functions


  • Fixed: Command line tool to manage vault missing
  • Updated: Total4 from 0.0.61 to 0.0.63


  • Improved: Binary Store support for using file paths
  • Added: Command line tool to manage vault
  • Added: Vault for storing secrets encrypted
  • Fixed: Control component not being reset properly
  • Fixed: Resetting the status in the Box API component
  • Improved: Content Store documentation
  • Improved: Incoming messages are added to logs
  • Fixed: Opening error details
  • Improved: Optional logging of stack trace in errors
  • Updated: Cryptolens library from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6


  • Fixed: Rate limiting in Alfresco REST API component


  • Added: Option to update a flow
  • Improved: Fixed links and typos in documentation
  • Updated: Luxon library from 2.3.2 to 2.4.0
  • Improved: API component error handling
  • Added: Option to retrieve based on target within the Binary retrieve component


  • Added: SPO templates in template-engine
  • Fixed: Images missing in documentation
  • Improved: Security updates
  • Added: Handlebars helpers
  • Added: Code component running in the sandbox
  • Added: Dark mode supported
  • Added: Document Delete component
  • Added: API component
  • Improved: Handlebars documentation
  • Updated: Mongoose from 6.2.9 to 6.3.3


  • Updated: Total4 from 0.0.60 to 0.0.61
  • Added: Ability to use projection on Document retrieve
  • Improved: Console position
  • Removed: The need of downloading components
  • Fixed: Typo in indexes set by the Initialize storage component
  • Added: These release notes
  • Improved: Opening the log details window by adding a clearly visible link
  • Updated: Documentation with information about the console
  • Added: Document aggregation component


  • Initial release