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Version: Latest (4.49.0-beta)


This section contains word definitions, a list of terms in a particular subject, field, or usage area, with accompanying illustrations.

Accelerators are a collection of predefined flows that speed up the creation of a migration project.

Connectors are a specific type of accelerator that allow you to extract or load data from and into a repository.

Content any type of data that can be stored in a repository.

Content Store The Xill4 database concept for storing any type of content targeting migrations.

Flow a flow is a set of components that perform predefined actions in a specific order as data travels through it.

GridFS a Mongo based file system.

Message a message (data) traveling between components.

Resolving the process of replacing (ID) references between documents based on the source repository to their ID representation in the target repository.

Vault the Xill4 vault for storing secrets and other sensitive data that is needed during the execution of a migration. Must be created by the user with the use of the vault-console application.

Root document a document that holds the ID of the target repository container objects where the migrated content needs to land.