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Version: Latest (4.49.0-beta)

Using a Proxy

Xill4 can be configured to route all network requests through a proxy. To setup Xill4 to proxy the request, you need to set the following environment variables.

XILL4_HTTP_PROXY✔️ YesRoute all HTTP network to this proxy address
XILL4_HTTPS_PROXY✔️ YesRoute all HTTPS network to this proxy address
XILL4_NO_PROXY NoExclude the following globs from being proxied

Both the HTTP and HTTPS proxy are URLs need to start with http://.

Exclude URLs using globs

You can exclude certain requests from being proxied by using the XILL4_NO_PROXY environment variable. For example: XILL4_NO_PROXY='*,' This will not proxy any request to or any of the subdomains of

Proxy Authentication

If the proxy is protected with credentials, the credentials should be added to the environment variables. For example: XILL4_HTTP_PROXY=http://username:password@localhost:8080 Where username and password should be substituted with your credentials.

The proxy will use Basic-Authentication through the PROXY-AUTHORIZATION-Header in the outgoing request.