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Version: 4.45.0

Connectors & Accelerators

Accelerators are a pre-created set of flows that help you kickstart a migration. They make you connect to repositories faster, design your reports easier and apply common transformations with the click of a button.

Type of accelerators

There are three types of accelerators.

  • Source connectors

    Source connectors read data from a repository.

  • Target connectors

    Target connectors load data into a repository.

  • Framework

    Framework accelerators are so-called utility accelerators. They are used to help you with common tasks like certain transformations, reports and so on.


You can find all the accelerators in the Each accelerator has its own directory, you can find the importable .json file inside each directory.

Importing accelerators

Accelerators can be imported just like a Flow. To import a flow use Flow ->Import Flow