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Version: 4.45.0


Components are the heart of a flow, by connecting them you can build the required functionality.

Components work independently from each other but they do require specific input that is described in the documentation of each component.

Example of a component in a flow:


I/O Stats

Almost all components have an I/O Stats in the bottom left corner of the component (see image above). The down arrow indicates the number of incoming messages, the up arrow indicates the number of outgoing messages and the clock indicates the number of pending messages. The number of pending messages is the number of messages that are currently being processed by the component, where 0 means the component is idle. If the number of pending messages is higher than 0, the component is busy.

Inputs and Outputs

Each component has a set of inputs and outputs. The inputs are used to provide the component with the required data. The outputs are used to pass the data to the next component in the flow. You can enable or disable the inputs and outputs by clicking on the bullet next to the input or output. The bullet will turn red when the input or output is enabled.