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Version: 4.46.0

Content Store

The Content Store is the Xill4 database concept for storing any type of content targeting migrations. It uses a Mongo database and a combination of schemas. In Mongo terminology each data record stored is called a (BSON) document, to avoid conflicting terminology when talking about documents or content from an external repository the term RECORD is used when referring to an actual file or document.

A very important concept about the Content Store is that each migratable object is stored separately.

Kinds of content

It distinguishes seven different kinds of content:

  • ROOT
  • ACL

The CONTAINER, RECORD and BINARY are the three most important ones, because together they form about 80% of the actual content.


The ROOT document(s) are the starting point(s) of a migration. They hold the ID of the target repository container objects where the migrated content needs to land.


The CONTAINER kind is used for hierarchical content types like folders, sites, documentLibraries, archives, sub-sites, lists.


The RECORD kind is used for any actual content like pages, paragraphs, list-items, documents. It holds the metadata and references to the actual binaries. For a representing a file-system this means that each file will have both a RECORD document and a BINARY document stored.


The BINARY kind is used when representing physical file. It holds the metadata about the files and contains a reference to its location.


The RELATION kind is used for relationship type of objects other than representing a parent-child structure and (language) versions.


The ACL kind is used for representing access control list objects.


The AUDITLOG kind is used for representing audit log objects.


To store these different kinds of content, the Content Store supports 6 different schemas. Schemas describe the requirements of the content being stored in the Content Store.

The selection below describes the different schemas and there purpose.

Root schema

The root schema is used for the ROOT kind.

Content schema

The content schema can be considered the main schema. It is used for the CONTAINER and RECORD kinds.

Binary schema

The binary schema is used for the BINARY kind.

Relation schema

The relation schema is used for the RELATION kind.

Note this schema is in a beta state and is highly subjected to change

ACL schema

The ACL schema is used for the ACL kind.

Note this schema is in an alpha state and is highly subjected to change

AuditLog schema

The AuditLog schema is used for the AUDITLOG kind.

Note this schema is in an alpha state and is highly subjected to change

Storing binaries

Besides the metadata, the Content Store is also able to store binary content. It does this using a technique called GridFS. That is why components that work with binary files will have a Mongo database connection string and a database name.

GridFS consist of two collections binaries.files and binaries.chunks.